Why Re-Modelling Your Garage Is A Great Idea

04th Jun, 2019

Once you’re done giving your home the WOW Factor, you’d probably want to store all the items you’ve removed and what better place to do so other than your garage. Your garage is a strategically located unit, renovating it on the outside will make your house look more attractive and re-modelling it on the inside will make it more organized and comfortable. We’ve listed a bunch of renovation tips to convert all or part of your garage into a reusable space, that will enhance the overall value of your home. This listicle will also make the upgrade experience a great deal of fun to work on and is bound to renew your living conditions.

More Storage Space

A growing family needs a growing home and a growing garage. The lady of a home can never have an excess of storage space. With every passing day, you keep buying more and more furniture and accessories to decorate your home. Don’t worry, it happens in all homes! In most cases, a large portion of the garage space is vacant. Apart from a place to keep your vehicle, some people use their garage as a storage unit as well. Sometimes it is hard to part from items that have happy memories linked to them, like your child’s old drawings, or your first self-bought coffee maker, old photo albums etc. Also as the kids grow, they want to have their own vehicles. The garage will have to house these extra vehicles so that the kids learn to be more responsible for their own assets. For the above reasons and many more, you need to have a bigger garage space. Turning your garage into a storage space will free up space in your home.  

Store A Cooler

Say you are working on your lawn under the scorching sun. You wish to grab a cool drink to escape the heat but you can’t get your muddy footprints inside the house. So what do you do? That’s right! Make a provision for a refrigerator in your garage! This way you can enjoy your favourite beer and have a nice refreshing drink while working on a hot sunny day.

Create A Small Workspace

It is nice to have your tools at hand when you are working on your vehicle. Build a small workshop inside your garage to store your spanners, grease, and oils. Alternatively, the workspace to keep your garden equipment, fertilizer bags, pesticide bottles etc. or even to store away extra tires and rims.

Increase The Resale Value Of Your Home

Apart from making your home look fancier and your stay more enjoyable, a large and efficient garage could really up the value of your home when you decide to sell it. Real estate agents are of the opinion that a modern and efficient garage will offer you a bigger bang for your buck when you try to sell your property.

Replace Your Garage Door

Lastly, the door. It makes no sense investing so much on re-modelling your garage from the inside if you do not have a strong and sturdy door to safeguard whatever is in it. Studies show that a good door adds a higher cost versus resale value to the home. There are plenty of options to choose from. There are doors that open from side to side instead of opening overhead. There are canopy doors that protrude outwards while opening. If you are on a spending spree then you can install a new and stylish automatic garage door opening system. You can also add windows to your garage door so that the daylight can seep through and keep the garage bright and airy. Garage doors with windows look more elite and fancy. This can improve the overall curb appeal of your home. You can consult a door installation company for more ideas to suit your requirements. With these few ideas in mind, you can start planning on re-modelling your garage. Before you know it you’ll be the owner of the most functional and stylish garage in your neighbourhood.