6 Good Reasons To Buy A Brand New Home

26th Jul, 2018

Buying a pre-owned home comes with its own set of perks, but is that the wisest choice for you? Here’s presenting a compelling case for why we think investing in a brand-new home would be a better option.  

1) Well, it’s new.

Not to be Captain Obvious, but a new home is exactly just that. It’s untouched and yours to call from day one.  

2) Less Maintenance

You won’t have to deal with any of the baggage that old homes tend to come with (read: repairs, replacements). Should you want to replace the existing wiring and plumbing, they won’t be easy on your pocket. When you buy a new home, it’ll be awhile before you have to worry about upgrading costs.  

3) Sustainable

Most responsible construction companies will consider the eco angle while designing homes. The Models Marine Vista property for example has taken the initiative to be as eco-friendly as possible, including: a) A dual plumbing system for water conservation, b) Rainwater harvesting and water treatment plant and c) Vermiculture waste management  

4) Modern Conveniences and Amenities

Most new houses especially ones in gated communities come with a set of amenities that have become the norm in today’s urban lifestyle. Swimming pools, gymnasiums, club houses, recreational centres which feature so prominently in today’s homes, are often missed out on in the older ones. Old homes often lose out on certain things that most of us take for granted, such as solar panels, smart appliances, USB outlets, thermostats, etc.  

5) Energy Efficient

A lot of new homes are built with energy conservation in mind, which in turn will save you money. Solar panels can serve to heat up your water in place of electric geysers. Specially reengineered windows serve as excellent sources of sound proofing, along with being heat and water resistant.  

6) Safety

What worked 10 years ago might not work today. New constructions will have taken account the latest consumer safety and building guidelines before commencing their project. So now that you’ve read this, would you still want to invest in a pre-owned home? Guessed not. If you’re thinking of investing in a new home, an apartment for a home, take a look at the various projects that Models Goa has to offer!