Get Your Home The ‘Wow Factor’ Affordably

31st Dec, 2018

Have you ever looked with envy at those beautiful homes in magazines and wished your home too could look like that? Well, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help you achieve this dream by giving you ideas on how to re-decorate your house to look sophisticated without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are a few inexpensive decorating ideas that can lend an ‘oomph’ factor to your home. These aren’t just affordable, they’re also easy to execute! More Than One Paint Color Walls that are multicoloured can make the room more interesting, they can differentiate zones, change the proportions of space or simply make it look beautiful. This is very popular nowadays and is likely to make your home look very trendy if you choose the right colours. Using the Largest wall as a Gallery A gallery doesn’t seem very affordable, does it? Well, an 18th-century original one wouldn’t be, but DIY picture frames, second-hand paintings and personal photographs will add a lot of pizzazz to the room and won’t break the bank either. If you’re an artist yourself, you could even think of painting a really specific floor-to-ceiling-collage or use interesting leftover fabrics to make unique wallpapers. The possibilities are just endless. Cute Mismatches Mismatching is no longer considered to be a design mistake, but a popular trend that catches attention at first sight because of its quirkiness. Put some order Order is the most important thing in beautifully decorated rooms; it works to reduce normal household chaos. When decorating, make sure each item has its own place, thus making your room look very organised and clean. Layer the carpeting Putting a rug on the carpet is not the most intuitive design tactic ever, but it can look really nice. Small and bold rugs can be used to add playfulness to neutral carpets, or to make them stand out. Most of all, rugs can hide the outworn areas on your carpet! Kitchen art The wow effect here is easy to achieve because nobody expects to see a breathtaking art piece in the kitchen. It will look especially attractive if you choose outstanding colors that contrast the furniture, or if you convert it into the central point of your kitchen to make the most of its beauty. Greenery Plants look awesome in every room because they make it feel and look fresher and livelier. In case you’re not the biggest fan of flowers, you can always go for green foliage which has an even more striking effect. An uncommon mirror in the bathroom The finishing touch to a bathroom is the perfect mirror. Mirrors can double the appearance of a room. This is a unique trick that even renters are allowed to do – replacing their standard bathroom mirrors with ones that are not so common. It doesn’t even have to be new; you can always hang the current one in a different position, or mount it on a frame to make it look more dramatic. Do you have any more tips and tricks to jazz up your home? Let us know in the comments below.