6 Interior Tips To Make A Small Space Look Bigger

29th Oct, 2018

A small space doesn’t mean a cramped space. Here are some sneaky interior tips to make your space look bigger than it actually is.  

1) Chuck out the overhead lights

Bright, glaring overhead lighting tends to make light converge to one point. Opt for smaller lamps that give off a soft glow. These can be placed at points throughout the room, so that they draw the eye to different parts of the room.  

2) Mirror mirror, on the wall

Fix a mirror roughly opposite a window so that it reflects light and makes your space look larger and brighter!  

3) Lightweight and light coloured fabrics

While heavy, rich fabrics work well for spacious spaces, they can weigh down a small area and make it look over full. Opt for light fabrics and colours that will give your room an airy, breezy feel.  

4) Opt for stripes

While a bold and daring move, stripes when done right can magically make your interior space look longer and taller than it actually is.  

5) More windows, clean windows

Windows can make a room look airy and bright. What’s just as important is to make sure your windows are squeaky clean. Dirty windows can distract the eye and prevent light from coming in. Be sure to clean your windows from the inside out!  

6) Go monochrome!

It’s no secret that white makes things look bigger. Try painting your space in shades of white; white, off white, cream, etc. Fewer colours in the room will make the interior space less overwhelming, and as a result, will look more spacious than it actually is.   Does your home make use of any of these? Let us know in the comments!