5 Tips To Add Colour To Your Home

17th Jan, 2019

“I prefer living in colour.” – David Hockney And we agree! Our living spaces could all do with a splash of colour. Use of colour can really make or break the aesthetics of your home. Colour can be used in a variety of ways; to set a mood, create illusions or even arouse emotions. Here are some trick to seamlessly work colour into your home: 1) Paint your bookshelves Painted bookshelves can go great with painted walls and will certainly make any room look lively. Don’t just limit yourself to painting bookshelves; paint the insides of your cabinets as well! 2) Add shades to your floor or even your ceiling Painted floors or ceilings can always add the element of surprise because it’s not something most people would expect. Painted floors or ceilings are great way of bringing colour to a room, especially if your walls are of a neutral shade. 3) Opt for bright accessories and appliances Who said your mixer, fridge, kitchen cabinets had to be a bland black or white? Opt for brightly coloured appliances and cabinets to liven up your kitchen and for colourful cushions, carpets and fans to spruce up your living room! 4) Go green! Not always quite that literally. Brighten up any room by adorning it with a big bunch of colourful flowers or a potted plant. 5) Opt for some wall art If you don’t want to paint your walls, ceilings or floors and want to opt for a less permanent option, hang a framed piece of art on the wall to make your room look all the more spirited. Colourful photographs are also a great idea! Adding colour to your living space can be all the more fun when you have a great canvas (i.e., a great home) to work with. We suggest exploring the various properties that Models has to offer, check them out here!